Are the teachers specially trained?

Our lead teachers have a minimum of one year’s Montessori training beyond the bachelor’s degree. Our school also holds an AMS Associate Membership.

What is AMS?

The American Montessori Society (AMS) is a non-profit education society founded in 1960 whose purpose is to help children develop their potential through the educational principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. This includes the following: developing Montessori programs, accrediting schools, granting credentials, encouraging research, organizing conferences and symposia, and promoting all other areas which relate to the dissemination of Montessori philosophy. www.amshq.org

What does the Montessori experience do for the child?

A Montessori Education helps create children who are problem-solvers who can make appropriate choices, manage their time and work well with others. Montessori children exchange ideas and work freely. They have learned to work both independently and in groups and have been encouraged to make decisions from an early age.

What happens when children go from a Montessori class to a conventional class?

Most Montessori children adjust easily to new classroom situations most likely because they have a high degree of self-discipline and independence developed in the Montessori class and because of the nature of adaptability in young children.

Where to Find Us

100 Saratoga Village Blvd.
Suite 34a
Malta, NY 12020

We are located in Malta Commons, on Rt. 67 at exit 12. From the traffic circle on route 67, take a left at the T and then a right into the parking lot. We are the first location on the corner and have a wooden fenced in playground out front.